Steele Magazine Print Edition

Steele Magazine Print Edition



After 5 years of publishing Steele Magazine’s Digital Issues we decided to level up in 2019 and offer our FIRST EVER PRINT ISSUE! ISSUE 5 is a colorful, perfectly bound magazine with 150 pages for travel, fashion and entrepreneurial knowledge to add to your collection. Be the first to own our special first print issue!

This issue follows editor and chief, Monroe Steele on her travels from the bright lights of Paris to the replenishing waters of Tulum and gives you the insider details on the best of both. We also interviewed 5 millennial entrepreneurs making a name (and some making millions) for themselves in the areas of fashion, social justice and music. Fashion Aficionado Amanda Murray, Social Justice Disrupter Ericka Hart, Fashion CEO and Creative Director Nichole Lynel, Rapper and founder of Soullennial Lawd-P and finally Ellie Delphine, Parisian Fashion Influencer drop gems on what it means to pursue your dreams and follow your passions. 

Whether you want fashion, lifestyle or just a good laugh as always we have a handful of personal essays, there’s something for everyone in Steele Magazine ISSUE 5. 

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